Track Talk Newsletter

Track Talk – April 26, 2017

Founded in 1964 as a part-time venture in George Lane’s garage, one thing has remained the same throughout the years at Lane Automotive: the desire to provide the best parts and the best service at competitive prices. Since the days when local racers lined up to buy racing parts at that tiny, one man shop, the company has grown and is now comprised of four separate divisions. Lane Automotive looks to the future, and the ever-changing challenges of meeting [...]

Track Talk – April 19, 2017

Oh the anticipation of the snarling rumble as cars lined up to take their first laps of the season on the fastest 3/8 mile track in the world. With a grim forecast all week, Mother Nature surprised us with warm temperatures and clear blue skies. A stiff breeze kept the flag at attention and bowed the pole a few times. KTS (Kalamazoo Track Services) was out and ready to respond to on […]

Track Talk – April 12, 2017

April 29 marks the 2nd Annual Safety Training at Kalamazoo Speedway, presented by the Speedway’s Kalamazoo Track Services (KTS). Thirteen tracks representing a capacity crowd of 46 will be attending a day packed with vital training to promote successful outcomes to on-track incidents. Highlighting the day will be landing zone operations (with West Michigan Air Care) plus hands on extrication with the Speedway’s newest pieces of training equipment, the “CutR” extrication simulator and the “FlipR”. Paul Lapaire will be [...]

Track Talk – March 15, 2017

Michael “Mick” Brooks has a long road ahead of him following a horrific accident that sent a sprint car over the fence injuring 3 men at the Volusia Speedway Park during Speed Weeks in Florida.  The Brooks family has long been a part of the Kalamazoo Speedway family and a benefit has been planned to assist the family with the hardships brought about by this devastating […]

Track Talk – February 15, 2017

We are reminded of the un anticipated start to the shotgun – start foot race for Super Shoe campsites. A plan was  developed:   Ready, Set and the firing off of a shotgun to signify Go. You know, just like the Olympics.  Ready went as orchestrated.  Set was looking good.  Then someone (yes we know  they  wore a staff T-shirt) honked the horn in the pace car to signify  all was  set and the shotgun should fire to start the race.  Of course everyone began racing at the honk and the rifle firing was nothing more than [...]

Track Talk – January 18, 2017

With all these unseasonably mild days it kind of makes you want to head to the track, doesn’t it?  Well, it won’t be long. Have you checked out the 2017 schedule?  (a printable version can be found at We’ve got a solid program put together for 2017 with plenty of extras.  At the heart of the schedule is the Whelen All-American Series for the Outlaw Super Late Models […]