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Kalamazoo Speedway in Mourning

Kalamazoo Speedway mourns the loss of two of its own.                                                                                [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter (10-25-2021)

Get an early look at the 2022 Event Schedule; the schedule’s still tentative but it’s taking shape.  The 2022 rules for the five weekly classes are posted.  See the Driver tab on the Speedway website and click on Rules on the drop down menu.            [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter (10-04-2021)

The Awards Party is October 16 to recognize drivers’ achievements in 2021 plus additional photos from Super Shoe XXXIV.                                                              [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter (09-27-2021)

Thirty-eight heats and features ran at Super Shoe XXXIV; we’ve got the photos.  Next up on October 16 is the Awards Banquet.                                                        [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter (09-20-2021)

Next up (and last up for the season) is Super Shoe Weekend (September 24-26), then it’s the Award Banquet.  Catch a few photos from the Night of Destruction.                                            [...]

Super Shoe Weekend – 2021

It’s all here!  Everything you need to know about Super Shoe XXXIV!                                                                            [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter (09-13-2021)

Next up it’s the legendary Night of Destruction on September 18, 2021.  Then it’s Super Shoe XXXIV to end the season and the Awards Party.  Recap of the September 11 Super Shoe Tune Up.                                [...]

Results – 09-11-2021

The Super Shoe Tune Up is complete;  get results here.  Next up:  Night of Destruction on September 18.                                                                [...]

Night of Destruction – 09-18-2021

Schedule, events, rules and payout for participants.          Event Schedule Events, Rules & Payout                                                                        [...]

Super Shoe Tune Up – 09-11-2021

Rules (not many!), payout and the schedule.  Get it here!                                                                                [...]

Race Results – 09-03-2021

Season Championship night results and the 2021 track champions in each of the five weekly classes.                                                                    [...]

Payout — 09-03-2021

Payout for Season Championship Night is different than for weekly race nights.                                                                            [...]