Intimidator 100 Presented by Duco Performance Information Sheet

Information Sheet     Intimidator 100 Presented by Duco Performance  Friday, July 3   7:30 PM  “A” Feature Payout:   $3,500-1200-800-600-550-500-475-450-425-400 to start  How the Intimidator 100 Field will be Set  24 cars or less – all in the A Feature      25 or more cars – Top 18 locked in from qualifying – the top 4 from the Last Chance [...]

Getting Ready for the 2020 Season to Finally Go Green at the Zoo

Drivers Note: This Crazy-Mini-Covid-Season will be incredibly challenging to many race teams and sponsors……but perhaps even more challenges will be encountered by the weekly tracks themselves.  There are schedules to rearrange and the uncertainty if all our weekly drivers will be able to participate with us on Friday Nights.  Many [...]