Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter – March 27, 2023

Less than 2 weeks until the first practice session!  We’ve added a third option to getting in some practice laps, driver reminder to register on MyRacePass, a summary of the tire program for 2023 and a shout out to the Kalamazoo Speedway Mini Wedge Series.          [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway Tire Program for 2023

Kalamazoo Speedway has adopted a tire program for 2023 to address persistent tire shortages, rising costs and to level the playing fields.                                                        [...]

Tax Day Krash & Bash Information

Check out the event information for the April 15 Tax Day Krash & Bash (events, rules & payout).  Sign up to be a participant (with your own car and trailer).  Please bring a completed Driver Information Form with you.                      [...]

Super Shoe Format Changes for 2023

Kalamazoo Speedway is shaking up the format for Super Shoe XXXVI.  The new overall format boasts 4 classes (possibly 6) instead of the traditional FWD or RWD classes.                                            [...]

Tough Truck/SUV Contest Rules

These rules will be incorporated into the April 15, 2023, Krash & Bash rules, but as a new event that will be run this season, we thought we’d provide a preview!                                      [...]