May 31st Tire Soak Testing Results

May 31st Tire Soak Testing Results

As the rules in each class clearly state, there is Absolutely No Tire Soaking or altering of the tire of any kind allowed at Kalamazoo Speedway.  It doesn’t say that teams can go down to a certain softness or Durometer number—NO TIRE SOAKING PERIOD!  We have been checking tires, both cold and hot, with a durometer.    

On May 31, Kalamazoo Speedway collected a tire sample from the LR tire of the #5 Late Model Sportsman car driven by Jeff Ganus.  Procedures to collect this tire sample were witnessed and followed exactly as directed in the specifications provided by the lab.   

The first attachment (CLICK HERE) contains the report emailed to us from Blue Ridge Labs.  The tire sample failed and did not conform to the manufacturer’s benchmark specs.  The second attachment (CLICK HERE) shows the posted tech bulletin which outlines the penalties and the fine for a failed test.   

We will continue to monitor tires for the remainder of the year and sample a tire or tires if there is suspicion of tampering or to conduct periodic testing.  If the tire sample submitted to Blue Ridge Labs is found to have been altered, the following will occur:

  • Loss of all points for that night.
  • Loss of all earnings for that night.
  • The driver will be suspended for the next four events when the class is racing.
  • The driver will not be allowed in the pit area for the duration of the suspension; a driver will be allowed in the stands. 
  • The driver (or team) must pay a $500 fine to Kalamazoo Speedway before being allowed to race in any class, for any race/event. When applicable, this fine will carryforward to a future season.

If a driver refuses to allow a tire to be confiscated by the track, the driver will forfeit his/her pay and points for the night and incur a four-week suspension from participating in the next four events scheduled for that class. 

Again, our rules are very clear:  Absolutely No Tire Soaking of Any Kind!  This tire soak game is not healthy, it’s expensive and it’s illegal—it’s time to end tire soaking at Kalamazoo Speedway.  

Gary Howe

Kalamazoo Speedway

Tire Soak Results - 05-31-2019


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