The Weekly Classes will be the Zoo’s Primary Focus in 2013!!

The Weekly Classes will be the Zoo’s Primary Focus in 2013!!

Rather than putting a bunch of touring series at the head of the class, Kalamazoo Speedway will be highlighting our five weekly classes throughout much of the 2013 season.   Most tracks could only dream of having the car counts & the outstanding quality & competition of our weekly classes; thus this will be where we will be putting our focus on so our existing as well as our new race fans will continue to see some of the finest weekly short track racing found anywhere in the Midwest.

As you open up the schedule, you will see that the Full 5 in 1 Show will be the theme for 2013.  Each class of cars will have either 5 or 6 special championship style events throughout the season (not even counting the COTW or the Super Shoe), paying extra money as well as racing for extra laps.  Again, this is Kalamazoo Speedway putting our weekly five classes first, hoping that the local fans will come out & cheer for their favorite local driver!  You will notice the special event pay chart at the bottom of this article showing what each special event will pay for each class.

Kalamazoo Speedway will of course be hosting a few of their specialty events as well with some of which are listed below:

  • Two Auto Value Winged Super Sprint Shows in 2013!!
  • The Kalamazoo Klash
  • The Super Stock Klash
  • Four Belle Tire Front Wheel Drive Enduro Events
  • The Night of Destruction, hosted by LKQ
  • The Call of the Wild Extravaganza
  • The granddaddy of them all, the 27th annual Super Shoe Nationals!
  • One of the Largest Fireworks Show in southwest Michigan will take place at the Zoo in July of 2013!
  • All of this, not even mentioning the Intimidator 100, Season Championship Night, the Goat Roper 25 and a whole sleuth of new races for 2013!

As you go through the above list, you can see why our optimism for 2013 remains at an all-time high……big named events, great weekly racing…….it’s all a recipe for great success for the upcoming race season.  And for you drivers, look at the chart below at the special event pay for all five classes!


Regular Weekly to Win

Main Special

Special Event’s

Outlaw Super Late Models


Klash to Win $$$??

5 @ $1500

Super Stocks


SS Klash to Win $$$??

4 @ $750

Pro Stocks



4 @ $500

Mini Stocks



4 @ $400

Cyber Stocks



4 @ $250




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