Super Shoe Nationals XXXI Driver Notes

Super Shoe Nationals XXXI Driver Notes

Break-Out Rule for 2017: Again this year your official qualifying time will be your time for the entire weekend. You cannot reset your time in subsequent races. There will be ABSOLUTELY ZERO exceptions to this rule! Furthermore, you can still elect to start any race on the tail as always but it WILL NOT erase your time. Every car in every race will be subject to breaking out.  If you are black flagged for breaking out in a heat race, you will be done for that race.  In a Last Chance race or feature if you are black flagged for breaking out you may come in the pits and rejoin at the tail of the field, once an official waves you out. Back for 2017 – each race will have an “instant disqualified time”, which will be the breakout time of the fastest car in that race.  If any car (even once) runs faster than that time, they will be disqualified from that race immediately.

Time Limit Rule for 2017: Every race (with the exception of the Super Shoe ‘A’ Feature) will be subject to a time limit of one minute per scheduled lap.  Once the race reaches its halfway point if there is another caution after the time limit has been reached, the race will be over.  If the time limit is reached during a caution or red flag period the race will go back green and run until the scheduled conclusion, unless there is another caution, then the race will be over.  No race will be called before the scheduled halfway point.

BACK FOR 2017 – Jason’s Toilet Bowl Race: On Sunday, after the ‘A’ Last Chance race there will be a five minute break before the 2nd Annual Super Shoe “Toilet Bowl Race”.  Any V8 car that is not in a feature will be eligible.  After the five minute break it will be announced that any V8 car wanting to participate in the toilet bowl race should make their way on to the racetrack.  At that time participants should pull onto the track after being waved out by an official and begin circling the track.  Once it appears all cars are on the track a random child from the grandstands will draw a pill to determine the pole sitter of the race.  The officials will let the pole sitter know and at that point the rest of the field should double up behind the front row for the start.  The race will run for twenty laps and the winner will receive: a one of a kind trophy, a three day pit pass for Super Shoe 2018 and their existing camping spot reserved for 2018.

Officials working on cars: Kalamazoo Speedway officials will NOT pull any fenders or work on cars in any way while on the racetrack.  If you have something on your car that needs attending to, pull into the pits and go to your pit stall.  Do not block the chutes or you may be disqualified from the event.

Multiple Cars: If a driver chooses to race more than one car in the same division the cars must have different numbers. Also, the driver needs to come to the tower and discuss with the race director the qualifying procedure for multiple cars. If the same driver has multiple cars in the same event only one car will start.

Qualifying Groups: If you are caught qualifying outside of your group number you will black flagged immediately and will start at the rear of all races for the weekend.

Late Arrival Qualifying: We will have late arrival group qualifying on Friday night.  Only cars that have not been on the track at all will be allowed to go out in this session.  If you have even been on the track for one caution lap, you will not be permitted to participate in this session.

Cars That Don’t Qualify: Unfortunately, due to the nature of this event if a driver is unable to qualify by the time qualifying ends, they will not be able to compete in any races other than the Toilet Bowl (for V8 cars only).

Driver & Crew Conduct: From Thursday until Sunday drivers are responsible for the actions of their pit crews.  This includes on the track, in the pits and anywhere on the speedway grounds.

Make sure to complete your registration form upon signing in at the ticket office.


-Pick up your transponder EACH DAY from the infield tire barn prior to your first practice session. 

-You WILL be black flagged if your transponder is not on your car. 

You will be asked to leave your driver’s license, credit card or $100 to receive your transponder 

-You must return them each day at the end of the day’s events to the infield tire barn.

Transponder Brackets – if you do not have a bracket, you must get one from the infield tire barn. You will be required to pay a $10 deposit, which you will get back when it is returned at the end of all your events.

After Qualifying the Super Shoe field will be split into four equal groups.  If it cannot be split evenly, the extra cars will go into the higher classes.  For example with 202 cars there would be 51 in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ groups and 50 in the ‘C’ and ‘D’ groups.  If there are 176 cars or less then the top 18 cars from each group will be locked into their respective features with the remaining cars being fully inverted for one last chance race.  Four cars will transfer from the last chance races and will start 19-22 in their feature.  If there are 177 cars or more then the top 16 from each group will then be locked into their respective features.  The remaining cars will then be split into odd and even last chance races with the field being totally inverted.  Three cars will transfer from each last chance race and will start 17-22 in their feature.

Payoff will be done at the infield concession stand on Saturday for all drivers not advancing to Sunday.  Payoff will be ready toward the conclusion of the night’s events.  Payoff on Sunday will be at the infield concession stand toward the conclusion of the day’s events.

Keep track of the lineup boards all weekend long.  There is a board in the lower pits, upper pits and third pits.  Make sure you are in the infield make ready chute the race before yours.  So if you are parked in the upper or third pit you need to cross the track when the race two races before yours concludes.


Group 1 – Turn 1 & 2 of the Infield (Outer Ring Only!) 

Group 2 – Turn 3 & 4 of the Infield 

Group 3 – Third Pit plus Turn 1 & 2 of the Infield (Inner Ring Only!) 

Group 4 – Top Pit

Super Shoe XXXI Driver Notes

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