Super Shoe Nationals XXIX Parking Information

Super Shoe Nationals XXIX Parking Information

As the 2015 weekly point season nears its conclusion, which means one of the biggest post-season specials in the Midwest is just around the corner……none other than the Super Shoe Nationals XXIX! This year’s Super Shoe Nationals will be run on October 2nd-4th and as always, promises to be a “can’t miss” event for Midwestern race fans.

As in years past, there are over 175 free parking spots in the main infield, where all trucks & trailers will be unloaded & taken out of the pits; so in no way do you have to buy a parking spot. However, Kalamazoo Speedway does offer 55 reserved parking spots in the top pit area, where you can keep your truck & trailer in the pits (max. 28’ trailer) at a cost of $100 per spot. We also have 35 reserved spots down in the 3rd pit area where haulers (28’ max length trailer) can also stay in place all weekend, and these spots sell for $75. Again, there is an abundance of FREE PAVED PARKING with nearby 110 electric, so purchasing a reserve spot is not required!

Reserved Parking spots in the top two pit area’s go on sale to the teams that had purchased spots last year, starting on Wednesday, August 19th.   The only way to reserve a spot is to call 269-692-2423 during the week from 8-5 and talk to Kenny. On Monday, August 24th at 8:00AM, all remaining spots will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

More information on Super Shoe Nationals XXIX will be posted almost daily for the next 2 weeks!

Kalamazoo Speedway plays host to some of the best entertainment events in the state of Michigan, and welcomes corporate groups, family outings, suite rentals, and clean family fun. Call 269-692-2423 Monday through Friday to learn more!

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