Sun Drop Will Pay $1,000 to top Double-Duty Driver at Kalamazoo Klash XIX!!

The Sun Drop Double-Duty Bonus will pay $1,000 to the driver that has the best combined finish between Kalamazoo Klash XIX and the Premier Boyne Machine Super Late event at Kalamazoo Speedway on August 17.  The bonus is expected to have several drivers challenging for it with possible bonus contenders including Ross Kenseth, Johnny Benson, Scott Hantz, Tyler Roahrig, Phil Bozell, Tom Thomas, Kenny Head, Tim DeVos, Terry VanHaitsma, Steve Needles, Caleb Bisacky, Chris Koslek, Chris Anthony, Alec Carll and more!  For more information on the 19th running of the Kalamazoo Klash stay tuned to


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