Saturday September 22nd……Super Shoe “Pick out your Camping Spot” Day

Saturday September 22nd……Super Shoe “Pick out your Camping Spot” Day

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On Saturday, September 22nd at 12:00 noon, the fun will begin as the green flag will fly for picking out your camping spots for the Super Shoe Nationals.  After last year’s massive event that came slightly close to being a train wreck at the Zoo, we are forced to evoke a few new rules for this year’s shotgun start…..

You can get to the track Saturday as early as you want to but the actual race to reserve the campsites will not start until exactly 12:00 noon.  At 11:30AM, speedway officials will go over the complete camping area & will be removing all stakes & caution tape that any early birds have laid out to mark off their spots.  But new for this year is the following:

Only people on foot will be taking off to mark off their spots when the green flag is dropped (no cars, bikes, golf carts, trucks, motor cycles, riding lawn mowers or drag cars this year)!!  I would suggest that any old fat guys like myself, find a young spirited individual who wants to show just how fast they can run while carrying 4 stakes, a roll of caution tape & a hammer.  At 12:15 after the dust has settled, we will allow vehicles to slowly make their way to their marked off spots and the week of Super Shoe will officially begin.  You may then set up your campsites, pitch your tents and park your campers.  But remember, campsites will be extremely tight this year and we can’t have you taking too big of an area if you aren’t going to be filling the spots with campers.  Car trailers will not be allowed out in the camping area as we have a ton of space in behind the back stretch wall as well as in the field across the street to the North West of the track.

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