Reserved Pit Spots for 2015

Reserved Pit Spots for 2015

  • Anyone who had paid for a reserved pit spot during 2014 has until January 16th to pay for that same spot for 2015.


  • If you are looking to purchase a reserved pit spot for 2015, you can start paying for these now but exact spots will not be decided on until after the 16th.


  • We will do our best to accommodate everyone for their desired spots they are looking for but with car counts climbing, three or more pit spots together will be at a premium.


  • Lower Infield Spots are $100 and the Upper Two Pit reserved spots are $50 for the regular season.  On certain occasions like when Winged Super Sprints are at Kazoo, some pit areas will have to be relocated for the night.


  • Keep in mind all of our spots are paved with electric nearby; so you do not need to purchase a parking spot as there will be open spots available.  However if you have a large tow rig/trailer or need more than a single spot for 2 or more cars, reserving a spot may be a good idea.


  • All spots will be officially reserved as the payment has been made for said spot.


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