New Official Track Photographers at Kalamazoo Speedway

New Official Track Photographers at Kalamazoo Speedway

Rick Senneker

RW Motorsports Marketing, a Battle Creek, MI based company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kalamazoo Speedway for the 2014 season and beyond. RW Motorsports Marketing will be the new official track photographers offering still and video on a weekly basis, along with many other marketing services for the drivers and teams.

You will see a larger presence at the track level with a whole team of photographers and a new exciting photo booth. Many products are created to promote the driver and fulfill needs of the fans. Some of the best Hero Cards and t-shirt designs in the state come out of the headquarters of RW Motorsports Marketing.

RW Motorsports Marketing has been in the photography field for over 25 years, and in short track racing field for three. RW Motorsports Marketing provides photographic services for many West Michigan short tracks and has multiple photography teams to fulfill any photography, video and graphic needs you may require.

Any questions please contact Woody at 517-507-6086 or email at

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