Kalamazoo Speedway Rules Update

Kalamazoo Speedway Rules Update

Sixty three continuous years of operation at Kalamazoo Speedway without too many outside restrictions, who would have thought the track as well as our drivers were going to be the target of some new township policies in 2013?

All cars in every class are going to be making some noise concessions for the upcoming 2013 season.  The bottom line, I assume 33% of our cars are in good shape in the sound level department, 33% of our cars probably will be fine by just redirecting their exhaust to the underside of the car (rather than out the side door) and the loudest 33% will be making a trip to Lane Automoitve and buy some new mufflers.

So with this being said, Kalamazoo Speedway will be enforcing that all cars in all five classes will have their exhaust exit below their cars.  No exhaust will exit out the side of the car.  Secondly, if your car is loud (you know who you are), if your muffler has been tampered with (cut open to remove baffle, etc) or your mufflers are only 12″ long and you can look straight through, you will be on the list to get new mufflers for your car before opening night.

We are in a battle with our township and all drivers as well as other tracks should take note on noise issues.  If noise isn’t a concern now, it very well may be soon.

We will be checking all cars at our two open practices and if you are found to be too loud, you will be notified to fix your exhaust before opening night.  Sorry but there will be no exceptions to this, this is not a personal issue as this is a township ordinance and Kalamazoo Speedway will be conforming to the noise levels that we have to meet.

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