Kalamazoo Speedway Opens for the 65th Consecutive Year and NASCAR is Again our Sanctioning Body


We are proud to have Nascar as our sanctioning body and the bonuses that it provides our drivers. There is no other track in Michigan that can provide 1,000,000 worth of coverage for all sanctioned races, and an end of year point fund that Nascar supports along with Lane Automotive. We do not require you to pay anything to register your number or car, only purchase the best insurance policy anywhere.

New for 2014 and beyond

Every driver is required to purchase  a Nascar license to be able to run on opening night. If you are not planning on running the entire season , you can purchase a 15 day license which would allow you to run 3 consecutive Saturday races. The cost is $50 for the Super lates and $25 for the other 4 classes.  The KLASH is not a Nascar sanctioned event so a license is not required. If you need to make arraignment to pay for your license at payoff, please contact Donna at 269-720-2384



Saturday - April 11 - Pre-Season Testing Learn more