Kalamazoo Speedway & John Russell’s “Johnny’s Auto Sales” Presents: “Johnny Bucks at the Zoo”

Kalamazoo Speedway & John Russell’s “Johnny’s Auto Sales” Presents: “Johnny Bucks at the Zoo”

Starting at week one with the Intimidator 100, Johnny‘s Auto Sales, located in Constantine, presents Johnny Bucks for 2012!!  Johnny’s Auto Sales will be handing out $200 of Johnny Bucks each week to a chosen weekly class, with each class having scheduled 4-5 nights of the contingency money going to their said class throughout the season.

To be eligible for Johnny Bucks in 2012, all you have to do is have a Johnny Bucks contingency decal on both sides of your car.  At the beginning of the night, the chosen class receiving the Johnny Bucks will be announced.  John & Andy did not want all of the money going to the top finishers each night, so this is how the contingency money will be paid out:

Outlaw Super Lates

  • 5th place finisher will receive $100
  • 6th place finisher will receive $60
  • 7th place finisher to receive $40

The other 4 weekly classes

  • 5th place finisher will get $75
  • 6th place finisher will get $55
  • 7th place finisher will get $40
  • 8th place finisher will get $30

If there are any drivers that place in the money but do not have a decal on their car, that money will be paid out to the next highest finisher (8th, 9th, etc..) that has a Johnny Bucks decal.

This is a great program that Johnny’s Auto Sales is giving to the participants at Kalamazoo Speedway; please pay John or Andy a visit on your next trip through Constantine and thank them for the Johnny Bucks money in 2012!!

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