Kalamazoo Speedway getting Rowdy; NASCAR superstar Kyle Busch to race both events in KLASH XXII, Wednesday, August 13

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Kalamazoo,  MI  -  Kalamazoo  Speedway  officials  are  excited  to  announce  that  NASCAR  Champion and  superstar  Kyle  Busch  will  sign  autographs  and  compete  in this  years  Kalamazoo  Klash  events. The  22nd  Annual  Klash,  on  Wednesday  night,  August  13,  is  the  keystone  event  on  the  exciting  2014 calendar  at  “The Zoo”.

Kyle  Busch  first  got  behind  a  steering  wheel  at  the  age  of  six,  and  hasn’t  looked  back.    The  Las  Vegas, Nevada  native  currently  sits  8th  in  NASCAR  Sprint  Cup Series  points  heading  in  to  next Sunday’s  race  in Indianapolis.  Busch  will  be  looking  to  add  two  more  wins  to  his  already  impressive  resume,  as he  will  race  in both  the  Kalamazoo  Klash  Outlaw  Late  Model  150-­‐lap  race,  as  well  as  the  ARCA/CRA Super  Series  100-­‐lapper.  The  29-­‐year-­‐old  has  claimed  135  checkered flags  within  NASCAR’s  top three  series,  as  well  as  countless  wins  on  short-­‐tracks  coast  to  coast  including  the  Snowball  Derby, Winchester  400,  Rowdy  251 and the  Prelude  to  the  Dream,  to  name  just  a  few.

This  years  Klash  race  day  will  be  jam-­‐packed  full  of  activity,  including  practice  and  qualifying  for both   Late   Model   classes,   an   all-­‐driver   on-­‐track autograph   session   with   both   classes,   last   chance events,  and  250-­‐laps  worth  of  feature  racing  on  the  3/8  mile.

Some  lucky  race  fans  will  also  get  the  chance  to  meet  and  get  an  autograph  from  Kyle  Busch  from 5:00   –   6:00   p.m.     Kalamazoo   Speedway   will   be   offering only   200   VIP   Meet   &   Greet   Wristbands, which  will  include  the  following:

  1. Reserved  VIP  Seating  on  the  Party  Deck  in  turn  3  for  the  entire  Klash  Event
  2. A  buffet  dinner  including  soft  drinks  will  be  served  from  4-­‐6:30  p.m.
  3. Meet  and  get  an  Autograph  from  Kyle  Busch,  from  5-­‐6  p.m.

Adults  Wristbands  (which  includes  general  admission  to  the  event  and  the  three  above  listed  items) will  be  $45.    Teens  10-­‐15  will  cost  $30  and  kids  9  and younger  will  be  $20.

The  ARCA/CRA  Super  Series  Boyne  Machine  100  will  arguably  see  the  best  template  Late  Model drivers  anywhere,  with  names  like  Ross  Kenseth,  Brian Campbell  and  Travis  Braden,  as  well  as  local favorites  such  as  Phil  Bozell,  Brandon  Hermiller  and  others  possible.  Kyle  Busch  will  climb  behind the  wheel  of his own  Kyle  Busch  Motorsports  #51  Toyota  in  search  of  another  Champion  Racing Association  win  and  his  first  at  Kalamazoo  Speedway.

The  big  dance  will  be  the  22nd  annual  running  of  the  Kalamazoo  Klash  on  the  high  banks,  featuring current  Kalamazoo  point  leader  Mike  Brooks,  defending race  winner  Terry  Senneker,  and  multiple time  winner  and  champion  Andy  Bozell.  For  the  first  time  in  years,  Busch  will  jump  back  behind  the wheel  of  Toyota powered  Outlaw  Late  Model,  driving  for  legend  Bob  Blount  in  the  3-­‐segment,  150-­‐ lap,  $10,000-­‐to-­‐win  outlaw  race.

Tickets   for   Kalamazoo   Klash   XXII   are   available   at   the   speedway   box   office   on   race   days   or   in advance   of   the   event   for   $20,   saving   $5.00   off   the Klash   race   day   adult   ticket   price.   Fans   are encouraged  to  visit  KalamazooSpeedway.com  or  ‘Like’ Kalamazoo  Speedway  on  Facebook  for  the latest  in speedway  news  and  updates,  photos  and  promotions  ongoing  throughout  the  2014  season.

Kalamazoo  Speedway  plays  host  to  some  of  the  best  entertainment  events  in  the  state  of  Michigan, and  welcomes  corporate  groups,  family  outings,  suite rentals,  and  clean  family  fun.  Call  269-­‐692-­‐ 2423 Monday  through  Friday  to  learn  more!



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