Kalamazoo Klash XXII Featuring Kyle Busch Credential Request Procedure

Kalamazoo Klash XXII Featuring Kyle Busch Credential Request Procedure

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Kalamazoo Klash XXII Featuring NASCAR Superstar Kyle Busch promises to be one of, if not the biggest event in the history of Kalamazoo Speedway. Speedway officials would like to welcome all members of the media out to the facility for both Klash practice day on Tuesday, August 12 and the Klash itself on Wednesday, August 13. Due to the tremendous amount of press coverage this event is expected to receive we do ask that all professional media members follow some simple guidelines in order to receive their credentials for this event. All credentials requests for photographers, television, video, radio, print, online, etc. must be submitted via email by August 9, 2014 to kenny@howepatio.com. Please include the name of the organization that you will be representing, your name as well as any addition names you are asking for credentials for, a telephone number, email address, your organizations website and any other pertinent information. Once your request has been submitted, you will be sent a return email within 48 business hours telling you that your request has been received and whether or not it has been approved. No request will be honored after August 9, 2014.

Kalamazoo Speedway officials will be more than happy to help attempt to setup any driver interviews requested by media members. To setup a scheduled interview email Shawn McLaughlin at shawn@kalamazoospeedway.com with the name of the driver you wish to interview and the time/place you wish to conduct the interview.

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