Zoo Stocks Graduates Overachievers

Zoo Stocks Graduates Overachievers

Kalamazoo Speedway opened up its Zoo Stock class to be more compatible with area tracks, but it hasn’t changed its primary purpose of being an entry level class.  Suddenly we’ve got some overachievers in the class who, per the Zoo Stock rules, are being promoted to the Outlaw FWD class where they’ll be more on par with their fellow competitors in terms of lap times and driving skills. 

Kalamazoo Speedway is instituting a top lap speed of 17.000 for the Zoo Stocks effective with the May 18 qualifying runs.  Tick off a faster lap than this and we’ll be holding a graduation party for you.  If a driver clocks a lap faster than the cap in qualifying or a heat race, the car and driver will be running in the Outlaw FWD class in the feature.  If a driver goes faster than 17.000 in the feature, the driver will be disqualified but will receive their start money.  That’s the rule:  one lap speed under 17.000 and it’s graduation time for the remainder of the current season. 

Graduates will benefit from higher payouts and more laps to race.  The Outlaw FWDs are required to race on the Hoosier race tires; however, any Zoo Stock moving up will have a grace period of two features to run legal Zoo Stock DOT tires before putting Outlaw FWD compatible Hoosiers on the car. 

For all Zoo Stock drivers, the camber rule has been eliminated.  This will increase tire wear and make Kalamazoo Speedway rules more compatible with the neighboring tracks.  The confusion last week was solely management’s communication miscue, not techs.     


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