Gary Terry Passes Away

Gary Terry Passes Away

This kid got your attention.

Whether it was from Head Starter Rick Beebe not happy with a few restarts on Spring Championship night back in 1997 (that he ended up winning), or maybe it was the great looking race cars. Perhaps it was his smile that was a permanent fixture on him. Many of the long time Kalamazoo race fans will remember him for the amazing battles between Andy Bozell, Mike VanSparrentak, Kenny Scheffler, and himself. For some it was or it was how absolutely caring and amazing both him and his entire family were with people. It also very well could have been the numerous times he did something for someone else that was so unselfish.

We definitely lost a true racer, and a champion of life, along with a great friend to many. Our thoughts and prayers are with his entire family.

Gary Terry, God Speed friend, and Thank you for everything!

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