FWD Enduro Racing at the Zoo

FWD Enduro Racing at the Zoo

Kalamazoo Speedway is trying to salvage the FWD Enduro Series that has successfully run over the past 10 years.  Like with many forms of motorsports, drivers and teams spending too much money to get their cars one notch faster than the next guy, has taken the true spirit of the said class of racing down in the dumps.   Although our enduro series is still as strong as any series in the nation, the car counts are slowing falling and with less cars running at faster speeds, it has become a regular race and the allure of a true enduro race has went away, thus taking many of the fans with it.

We are coming up with a few new policy’s and a new pay structure as we try to get this sport back to a relatively inexpensive novelty event, rather than racing $2500-3500 FWD race cars.  I assume that 85% of the drivers and interested parties will like what they are about to read…..and the 15% of the drivers that do not like what is coming are the drivers that are spending too much money!! 

The first new policy is that I have the option to buy any car that finishes in the top 10 positions for $800, minus any safety equipment that you can unbolt.  If you place in the top 10 and I claim your car and you refuse to sell it, you will forfeit your winnings for that event and you will be out of the enduro series at Kalamazoo Speedway for 2 years from that date!  No dice rolling….no games.  If you can’t sell it for that much, again you are one of those 15% that have too much money into this game and maybe it’s time to find a new game!  And any cars bought will not be resold but will be in the following enduro with an enduro rookie driving in that race!

The second new policy…..we are dropping the entry fee…..No entry fee- a $25 pit pass and you can go enduro racing at the Zoo! 

The third policy is that we are changing the pay structure so that the top finishers are not rewarded nearly as much.  We are trying to spread out the wealth, while still paying out nearly a $6500 purse.  The payout for the October 13th Pumpkin Patch Enduro (yes we are going to run this event) is as follows:

$600-500-450-425-400-350-325-300-275-250-200-180-160-140-120-$100 for 16th-25th -$75 for 26th-35th

And lastly, we are asking you enduro drivers who want to keep this deal alive for some help!!  We need you to put together your old beaters that are sitting behind the garage…..get your buddies to bring out their cars that haven’t raced in the past few enduro’s….and get ahold of your salvage yards and see if they can’t get a few of their employee’s to put together a car.  This will be a slow course- the speeds will be down.   They don’t have to be fast….they don’t have to be pretty……they no longer have to be race cars but once again they will simply be enduro cars!!

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