Bozell is Top Shoe

Bozell is Top Shoe

(Kalamazoo, MI) The Kalamazoo Speedway 26th Annual Super Shoe Nationals featured ten racing events on Super Sunday. The Kalamazoo Speedway safety crew received a work out with going through over ninety bags of oil dry. It truly was truly an event to remember with plenty of exciting racing events for through the weekend.

The first events of the afternoon were the A and B Feature last chance races sending the non-qualifiers home for the weekend. The B division last chance races saw Darwin Wolfe and Chris Shannon pick up the wins. The A division last chance races saw Nick Pressler and Corey Woods pick up the wins. That would conclude the transfer races for the weekend moving into the features events with the FWD Mini Shoe National A feature event the first feature.

The twenty-five lap main event for the FWD saw twenty-four cars start the race. The event got off to an exciting start with a big wreck on the front strait away  with Mike Westtphal bouncing off the inside retaining fence flipping his car on the front stretch. When the race got rolling Kalamazoo Speedway Cyber Stock regular Jerry Jansen jumped to the front picking up the feature win over Ryan Vist, Jack Cook, Keith Dunham, Matt Corliss, Darrell Hotlzlander, Todd Metz, Sr., Wayne Stack, Matt Majewski, and John Gonzales rounding out the top ten.

The Mini Stock Nationals saw a recorded thirty cars take the green flag for the twenty-five lap main event. This race also saw the third flip of the Super Shoe Nationals with Thomas Nimmo flipping his car at the start of the race after the caution came out when the cars stacked up on the back stretch. The feature saw Bobby Laughter pick up the win over Dennis Zimmerman, Jeremy Collins, Frank Stager, Dustin Kline, Jimmy Brown, Jim Newman, Shane Clark, Matt Morton, and Wayne Kline rounding out the top ten.

The Super Shoe V-8 features took to the track with the thirty lap D feature being the first event of the night. The D feature was collected by Zach Henderson being followed by Jeremy Pletz, Craig Stephens, Sheldon Linlag, Adam Litaker, Corby Howk, Barry Mendendrop, Justin Gilmore, Raymond Clark, and Dyllan Uminn rounding out the top ten. The C main was also thirty laps which saw Ronnie Maynard pick up then win over Bobby Schisler, Matt Elsey, KC Foote, Rob Smith, Jesse VanAvery, Tony Vitali, Bob Methney, Matt Bainbridge, and Troy Moyer rounding out the top ten.

The Super Shoe B main was set for fifty laps which would lead to maybe the best finish of the afternoon. The battle for the lead came down to the last turn as Chris Shannon and TK Whitman were side by side with two car touching each other Shannon picked up the win over Whitman, Robby Henderson, Josh Trammell, Rich Hardy, Ralph Wine, Jr., Matt Corliss, Dennis Malone, Adam VanAvery, and Mike Cannon rounding out the top ten. The seventy-five lap A main event was the final event of the afternoon closing out the 2012 Super Shoe Nationals. Andy Bozell collected the feature win over Tom Thomas, Mark Shook, Brian Ross, Jeff Ganus, Jamison Russell, Randy Chupp, Kelli Jo Hofacker, Dave Lober, and Dave Sensiba rounding out the top ten.

The Kalamazoo Speedway will close out its 2012 season on Saturday night October 12th, at 7:00PM for the Pumpkin Patch Enduro. The Kalamazoo Speedway will also have its annual awards banquet on October 27th, at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Kalamazoo. Please visit our website at for information purchasing tickets for the banquet and the Enduro.

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