Ben Mccallum

Ben Mccallum

Division: Mini-Stocks

Name: Ben Mccallum

Age: 25

Hometown: South Bend

Car#: tba

Years In Racing: 4 1/2

Car Owner: Josh Koch

Crew Members: Josh Koch,Jon Koch,and Ben Mccallum

Sponsors: Victory By dsigns and our own wallets

Family: stephanie, syra, and austin

Job Info: elecrician

Racing Accomplishments: i have won races at south bend, plymouth, and new paris. 2009 rookie of the year at plymouth. track record holder at new paris on hoosier tires and won 2010 blow out on hoosier tires. top 5 in points the two years we actually ran for pts. (4th in 2009 at plymouth and 3rd in 2011 at south bend)


Comments: i dont usually run just one track all year. we kinda skip around and try to have fun.

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