AllStar Performance All-Star Shootout Last Chance Race Information Sheet

AllStar Performance All-Star Shootout Last Chance Race Information Sheet:

-Event is Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 7:00

-Payout: $1,000-300-250-240-230-225-220-215-210-205-200-195-190-185-180-175 to start

-Trophies will be furnished by (


-Raceceivers are mandatory

-All rules can be found at

-Tires: Any non-soaked Hoosier 970

Eligible Drivers:

-Any driver not locked into the AllStar Performance All-Star Shootout.  Locked-in drivers are: Terry Senneker, Steve Needles, Andy Bozell, Brandon Lyons, Johnny Benson, Trent Hellenga, Phil Bozell, Rick Sexton, Tom Thomas, Billy Shannon, Randy Day, Todd Dougherty and Rick Senneker


How the All-Star Performance All-Star Shootout Last Chance Field will be Set:


24 cars or less - All cars in the A Feature


25 – 35 cars - Top 16 locked in from qualifying.  The top six from the Last Chance transfer to the A Feature.


36 cars or more - Top 16 locked in from qualifying – the top three from each of the two Last Chance races transfer.


Inversion for the A Feature – 4 plus the roll of 2 dice (between 6 & 16) (This will be the inversion provided there are at least 18 cars.  If less cars inversion may be reduced).


Inversion for the Last Chance will be one more than the amount of cars that are transferring to the Shootout Last Chance (will either be seven or four). 


AllStar Performance All-Star Shootout Last Chance Race Format/Rules:


-The Shootout Last Chance will be ran in two segments.  The first segment’s inversion will be 4 plus the roll of two dice.  The segment will run for 20 laps.  The winner of the first segment will transfer to the Shootout on Sunday and collect $1,000 for winning the Shootout Last Chance!  There will then be a ten-minute break where the new leader will pull a pill to set the inversion for the final segment.  The pills to choose from will be 6-1’s, 5-2’s, 4-3’s,3-4’s,2-5’s & 1-6.  The final segment will then be a 20-lap dash with the winner advancing to the tail of the All-Star Shootout.  All restarts will be double file.

New for 2010 will be the Lane Roll Off:  At the conclusion of the Shootout Last Chance all non-transferring drivers that finished the race on the lead lap will have one final chance to make the All-Star Shootout.   All participating drivers will go to the front stretch where they will roll two die in the order they finished the race.  The first driver to roll doubles will start at the tail of the All-Star Shootout.

If the Shootout Last Chance is cancelled for any reason the next three highest drivers in points will lock into the Shootout.  They are Mark Shook, John Chapman and Todd Harrington.


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