83, John Neal

83, John Neal

Division: Enduro

Name: John Neal

Age: 14

Hometown: Battle Creek

Car#: 83

Years In Racing: 4 yrs

Car Owner: Father ( John Neal

Crew Members: John Neal             Amanda Neal
Stubby Neal           Randy Willavize
Jeff Ogletree         Kevin Perry
Willie Neal
Justin Morgan
Tyler Morgan
Lacy Seamans

Sponsors: Johnny Neal Construction
Auto Glass Solutions

Family: My family has been racing for many years, I’m the fourth generation of John Neals Racing
John Neal Sr.
John (stubby) Neal jr
John Neal III
John Neal IV

Job Info: I help my Father with our family business…..Johnny Neal Construction

Racing Accomplishments: I’ve won more than 20 heat races and
11 A feature wins in Karting…Rookie of the Year in karting.

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