22, DJ Oxford

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Dj Oxford

Age: 16

Hometown: Gobles Mi

Car#: 22

Years In Racing: Rookie

Car Owner: Dj Oxford

Crew Members: Danny Oxford
Bobby Oxford
Matt Elsey
Scott Elsey

Sponsors: Quality Quick Lube

Family: Danny Oxford jr.-Dad
Sharon Hopkins-mom
Anthony Hopkins-stepdad
Crystal Burchette-sister
Haley Hopkins-sister
Aj Hopkins-brother
Tanner Burchette-nephew
Alayna Burchette-niece
Bobby Oxford-uncle

Job Info: General at Samuel Mancinos

Racing Accomplishments: Raced my first ever race at super shoe 2011. i started last and finished 3rd.


Comments: This season i want to run hard and keep my car together


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