2019 Pre-Season General Notes For All Drivers at The Zoo

2019 Pre-Season General Notes For All Drivers at The Zoo

Zoo/Burg Stocks – Get those tow straps/chains/hooks/cables on the front & back of your car!  If a wrecker must tow your vehicle off the track, we want an easy and safe spot to quickly hook up to your car.

All Classes – all cars must have the “Protective Pouches” for their track furnished transponders to be placed in.  Too many transponders are getting damaged due to the flames or hot liquid below the cars, thus no more plastic transponder brackets will be allowed.  We will have pouches for sale at the track for $15 or Lane Automotive has them in stock as well.    

Street Stock Rules Clarifications – Southwest Michigan’s Street Stock Class is arguably the raciest & most competitive class of cars in the Midwest. Thus, the competitiveness of our local drivers to be the best has brought upon some stretched rule interpretations.  In order to keep this class from getting carried away, here are a couple black & white rules that will not be allowed:

  • Slider Boxes on the frame for the lower rear trailing arms. These must be stock mounts in stock location as stated in the rules.  No Slider boxes period…..top, bottom, front or rear!!
  • Cutting of the Nose Piece -we allow a valance to be added to the bottom of the nose piece to get the bottom of the nose down to 5” off the ground…..but cutting the center of the nose piece & lowering the bottom of the nose piece down so the valance moves down towards the ground is not permitted, as is stated in the rules.
  • Front Fenders raked too far down are not stock appearing. These will not be allowed.
  • The rules clearly state which body parts must remain steel & which parts are allowed to be aluminum or fiberglass.
  • Too much body rake – keep the bodies stock appearing as stated in the rules. The high bodies in the back will then make the factory tail pieces way too high off of the ground.

To remedy said infractions until they are changed will be the immediate removal of the rear spoiler.  Your car will also add 100 extra lbs. of weight to the right side of your car.  This 100 lbs. will show up on the scales as additional weight as well as right side weight (approx. 3.3% less left side weight on a 3100 lb. car)   

Napa Yearly Contingency Awards for the Zoo Stocks, Outlaw FWD & Street Stocks – All weekly A & B Feature winners that have the Ridge Napa Decals displayed on their cars will receive a $100 product certificate for their accomplishments.  These decals will be available in the infield scoring tower.     

Mary Wright has donated $100 to the Zoo Stock B Feature winner in memory of Jerry Martin.  

IWMA Nations leader, Melinda Russell has donated $100 to the Winner of the Late Model Sportsman A Feature winner for the season opener in memory of Ben Beeler.

Turn 1 & 2 Gang lead man, Justin Leroy has donated $100 to the winner of the Street Stock A Feature at the Zoo on April 26th.

Galesburg Speedway is kicking in $100 to the winner of the Zoo Stock A Feature for the season opener at Kazoo!  In return, Kalamazoo Speedway has offered an extra $100 to the winner of the Burg Stock A Feature for Galesburg’s season opener.

Thank you all for a great opening practice……..see you on the 20th!!   

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