15, Doug Smith

15, Doug Smith

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: White Doug

Age: 39

Hometown: Plaiwnell

Car#: 15

Years In Racing: a couple

Car Owner: Self

Crew Members: Dale Leonard “Black Doug”
Dan DenBraber “Luigi”
Keith Dunham “Superstar”
Logan Knight “Squigy”
Sponsors: LKQ Self Service Auto Parts
Fast Trax Bar and Grill

Family: Kathy Smith- wife
Logan Smith- son
Brittany Smith- daughter
Lindsey Hackenberg- daughter

Job Info: Truck Driver for Red Baron Pizza

Racing Accomplishments: Won an heat race other than that helping friends win championships is a pretty good highlight.

Website: http://www.dougsdirtyraceteam.net46.net/

Comments: This year is gonna be interesting, gonna give dirt racing a shot.

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