What Really is a NASCAR Home Track??

What Really is a NASCAR Home Track??

Kalamazoo Speedway has been a NASCAR sanctioned track for 23 straight years.  Back in 1990, the Jones family had enough insight to see how valuable joining NASCAR could be for the track but more importantly, for the participants so they could belong to the number one racing organization in the entire world, that of course being NASCAR.

There are nearly 1100 race tracks in the nation; some being paved tracks, some being dirt tracks, some belonging to a local fairgrounds and several oval tracks that are located at drag racing facilities.  Of all of the short tracks nationwide, there are approx. 60 short tracks in the nation that are NASCAR Home Tracks.  These chosen Home Tracks not only have the clout of being a part of the biggest & the best racing organization in the world but our participants have perhaps the most important benefit…..that being that they have access to the best participant insurance that is available to anyone at any track in the United States.

All drivers at Kalamazoo Speedway are required to purchase a NASCAR Competition Membership License before they compete in a NASCAR sanctioned race.   The NASCAR licenses cost $95 for our charger divisions (Super, Pro, Mini & Cyber Stocks) and cost the premiere division drivers (Super Late Models) $190.  A NASCAR license is also available & recommended to all car owners & all crew members for $95 as well.  This will ensure that the people working on the race cars in the pits (these people outnumber the drivers nearly 5 to 1) can have the same insurance coverage as our drivers do.

The license fee’s go directly to NASCAR; they do not go to the local track.  Kalamazoo Speedway does not have any type of a car registration fee or a driver registration fee or even a number registration fee.  Our drivers (and track side employee’s) have our NASCAR license fee to be paid & that is the extent of any type of registration fees.   Also, all pit passes for a NASCAR license holder will cost $5 less per night, which will pay for the charger division or crew license by itself.

Please call the speedway office at 269-692-2423 if you have any questions about the NASCAR licenses.  NASCAR applications will be available at the meet & greet, at both practices, at the office at Howe Patio in Plainwell or they can be sent to you upon request.

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