Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter – November 18, 2023

Don’t skip this one!  We’ve published the tentative event schedule for 2024, updated payout, published more details on the Award Party, Black Friday deals, the weekly class rules are posted, the 4th Annual Bad Santa Enduro (a leased event) is Saturday, November 25 and there is news from the [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter – October 31, 2024

Special Edition!  Hot from the Kalamazoo Speedway News Desk:  2024 race classes, 2023 awards party, 2024 payout, the return of the point fund!  Plus the last two leased events of 2023 (open drifting on November 11 and the Bad Santa Enduro on November 25).            [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter – October 11, 2023

The Kalamazoo Speedway’s season ended with Super Shoe; 4 leased events remain.  We close the weekly publication of Track Talk with some extra photos from Super Shoe.  With this edition, Track Talk moves to its off-season monthly publication.                        [...]


Click here for information about Super Shoe XXXVI at Kalamazoo Speedway.                                                                              [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter – September 4, 2023

All about the Night of Destruction on September 16!  Then it’s the AutoMODIFIED drift version of Super Shoe followed by the Kalamazoo Speedway Super Shoe XXXVI.  And, in this double edition, we’ve got the race recap for Season Championship Night.                    [...]

The Legendary Night of Destruction

September 16, 2023.  It’s the Legendary Night of Destruction.  Pit Party 4:00 – 6:30 PM.  Show at 7:00 PM. Click for participant information and registration.                                                  [...]

Event Schedule – September 1, 2023

Hard to believe, but it’s Season Championship Night and the end to the regular season of weekly racing!                                                                [...]

Kalamazoo Speedway e-newsletter – August 28, 2023

This week’s Track Talk looks at Season Championship Night, the Legendary Night of Destruction, the upcoming Drift event plus a few Super Shoe reminders plus a look back at the races from August 25.                                [...]

Event Schedule – August 25, 2023

Two classes of Modifieds are on tap for August 25 along with two of the Speedway’s weekly classes:  the Street Stock and the Zoo Stock.   See you there!                                            [...]

Event Schedule – August 18, 2023

On tap for August 18:  the Outlaw Super Late Model ’75, Late Model ’40 and Street Stock ’35.  The open wheeled modifieds will run a mini-feature to warm up for their big $5000 to win race on August 25 and just to be different, the Outlaws will qualify at [...]