Township Meeting Rescheduled for Monday, February 25th

Township Meeting Rescheduled for Monday, February 25th

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The staff and management of Kalamazoo Speedway would like to take a minute to thank all of the many people who came out to the township meeting Monday as well as all of the people who helped spread the word through Facebook and/or Twitter!!   You people rock…….once again showing that the racing family is as strong as any group of people out there!

Alamo Township wants to quiet down the track and we as participants need to understand that we all will have to concede somewhat to more restrictions to quiet our cars down.   We will come to an agreement somewhere in the middle to make the township happy as well as keeping our 64 year old tradition at Kalamazoo Speedway alive and well!

We have another meeting scheduled for Monday, February 25th at 7PM at the Alamo Elementary School.   We need to have a strong physical presence at this meeting but we also need to act professional and let the township run their meeting.  There will be several key people who we want to give a fair chance to talk, including area business people, representatives from the church, speedway friendly neighbors who have lived near the track for years, several representatives from many charities that the track supports, as well as many local citizens that simply deserve a chance to talk.  We need to give these people their time to speak and although anyone has a legal right to talk, if we have 250 or 300 people at this meeting, we obviously won’t have time for everyone to speak.

Again, thank you for the overwhelming support…….the Kalamazoo Speedway Racing Family will come together when times get tough and like so many times in the past, we will once again prevail!!

Thank you all………

Gary Howe

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