Super Shoe Nationals XXVII Saturday Recap

Super Shoe Nationals XXVII Saturday Recap

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Super Shoe Saturday saw twelve practice sessions, three qualifying sessions and twenty seven races which set the stage for Sunday’s main event.  Mike Brooks held on to quick time while nineteen other drivers locked into the ‘A’ Feature through qualifying while four more transferred through the Last Chance.  The starting lineup for the 27th Annual Super Shoe Nationals looks like this:

1. 71-Jake Hopwood

2. 21-Tim Greene

3. 23-Jacib Maynard

4. 57-Corey Woods

5. 131–Nick Pressler

6. 21-Dave Simpson

7. 16-Brandon Zachary

8. 4-Jerry Drake

9. 97-Matt Frazier

10. 32-Cory Pressler

11. 1-Kelli Jo Hofacker

12. 15-Chuck Greer

13. 09-Marc Casey

14. 9-Luke Krick

15. 16-Billy Shannon

16. 6-Mike Shewchuk

17. 14-Mark Shook

18. 27-Corey Ryman

19. 29-Roger Northrup

20. 84-Mike Brooks

21. 14-Brandon Maynard

22. 88-Andrew DeVreese

23. 45-Robby Henderson

24. 2-Adam VanAvery

Saturday night’s race winners in the Super Shoe division were:

Heat #1-Tim Vatali

Heat #2-John Culp

Heat #3-Ryan Beadle

Heat #4-Jerry Pierman

Heat #5-Mitch DeWitt

Heat #6-Wade Berger

Heat #7-Bobby Stremme

Heat #8-Rodney Smith

Heat #9-AJ Foote

Heat #10-Zach Henderson

Heat #11-Nick Pressler

Heat #12-Matt Frazier

‘D’ Last Chance-John Culp

‘C’ Last Chance-Steve Emmans

‘B’ Last Chance-Bobby Stremme

‘A’ Last Chance-Brandon Maynard

Dash for Cash – Matt Frazier


Donnie Brest was the quickest of 36 Mini Stocks in qualifying and will start dead last in the eighteen car feature tomorrow.  Mini Stock winners from Saturday included:

Heat #1-Dennis Zimmerman

Heat #2-Dustin Kline

Heat #3-Dave Raley

‘B’ Feature-Dennis Zimmerman


Fifty one FWD Mini Shoe cars took qualifying laps with Jerry Jansen emerging as the fastest.  He will start 26th in his feature Sunday.  Other FWD Mini Shoe winner from Saturday included:

Heat #1-Andy Bozell Jr.

Heat #2-Ricky Beebe

Heat #3-Jami Larner

Heat #4-Dion Vrooman

Heat #5-TC Burgess

‘B’ Feature-Troy Andrews

Action kicks off tomorrow at 12:30 with the ‘A’ Feature for the FWD Mini Shoe followed by the ‘A’ Feature for the Mini Stock Nationals.  Then it will be on to the Super Shoe features starting with the D and culminating with the running of the 27th Annual Super Shoe Nationals ‘A’ Feature.

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