Michiana Speed Zone Fan Choice Awards (Its time to vote)

Michiana Speed Zone Fan Choice Awards (Its time to vote)

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By tonyeldridge 29/10/2012 11:45:00
Michiana Speed Zone Fan Choice Awards presented by Send Out Cards and Hosted by the Goshen Moose Lodge will take place Saturday February 9th at 7pm. Doors will open at 5pm, Dinner at 6:30 and awards at 7:30. DJ Voice will provide entertainment after the awards. The Goshen Moose Lodge will be hosting this event as well as doing tip boards and drink specials and we will have PLENTY of food for all. Tickets will be $25 each and will go on sale Dec 1st. They will be limited to 175 tickets sold and last year was a sell out so do not wait to get your tickets.We will do new and different awards this year as well as Send Out Cards presenting our driver of the year a 6 foot tall trophy.

In 2012 a panel of announcers were involved in making the nominations for each category. We have 5 individuals per category. You may vote one time per email. We will open voting up today until Nov 30th. On Dec 1st we will have the top 3 in each category on mwracingnews.com and will allow everyone to vote again for one of the top 3. Winners will be announced at the banquet. (YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO CLAIM YOUR AWARD AND PRIZES)

To vote you must email tony@michianaspeedzone.com ….. copy and paste this form to the email and put a * next to the name in each category you would like to vote for.

Thank you for your continued support of MSZ!

* Please note MSZ covers over 12 tracks and some 1000 plus drivers. It was hard to narrow it down to our top 5. If you were not nominated it does not mean we did not take note of you. Thank you!!!

Driver of the Year:
Tyler Roahrig
Bobby Stremme
Terry Senneker
Brian Ross
Phil Bozell

Best Appearing Car Late Model:
M 40 Speedway House Car # M40
Corey Ryman #27
Eddie Santora #5
Adam Terry #4
Bubba Brooks #84
Best Appearing Car Pro Stock/Sportsman:
Corey Woods #57
Mickey Cornwell #7
Jacob Hopwood #71
Brandon Barcus #50
Charles Darr #30
Tom Hellinga #84

Best Appearing Car Street Stock / Pure Stock:
Bryon Kiser #07
Eric Kiser #10
Tommy Hamilton #92
Aaron Rhenisburg #0
John Long #86

Best Appearing Car Mini Stock:
Noah Gallandt #33
Bobby Laughter #21
Drew Davis #81
Derek Davis #18
Cassten Everidge #68
Travis Bottorff #88

Best Appearing Car Front Wheel Drive:
Jack Hurrford #50
Jack Cook #1
Bryant Ragsdale #20
Darrell Holtzlander #2
Wayne Stack #21
Chad Gray #4
**The following 10 awards are for local full time points racers **

Late Model Driver of the Year:
Steve Stacy (ran 2 tracks full time top 3 in points at both tracks)
Brian Ross (Plymouth Speedway track champ, good runs at New Paris and M 40)
Brian Berkager (Kzoo track champion)
Jeff Ganus (wins at Kzoo, Sandusky, M 40, South Bend )
Andy Bozell (Spartan Champ , 2nd at Kzoo)

Pro Stock / Sportsman Driver of the Year:
Ronnie Maynard JR (M 40 Champ)
Brandon Zachary (7 time feature winner and track champ at South Bend)
Kenny Head (Kzoo Track Champ)
Josh Trammel (2nd in points at Spartan, multi time feature winner)
Corey Woods (feature winner at SB, 2nd in points, winner at Super Shoe)

Street Stock / Pure Stock Driver of the Year:
Eric Kiser ( NPS Champ, 7 feature wins, top 5 at the Announcers Choice)
Aaron Rheinsburg (Feature winner at Galesburg as a rookie)
Danny Brown (2nd in points at SB many feature wins)
Llyod Brooks ( Kzoo champ many feature wins)
Cam Schoeck ( B Champ at Angola )

Mini Stock Driver of the Year:
Bobby Laughter ( Mottville Champ, winner of mini shoe at Kzoo, top 3 in points at New Paris)
Frank Stagger (Kzoo champ, fast time at mini shoe, good runs at M 40)
Rich Hensley (SB Champ)
Ron Laughman (only car to beat Mast at M 40, feature winner at Mottville)
Mike Mast ( M 40 Champ 12 time feature winner, wins at SB, Top 3 NPS and Mottville)

Front Wheel Drive / Cyber Stock Driver of the Year:
Jack Cook (wins at M 40 and Kzoo, multi time fast qualifier at both)
Todd Roberts (M 40 champ, tons of wins at Mottville)
Doug Fox (2nd in points at SB, Multi time winner)
Bryant Ragesdale (multi time winner at SB)
Jerry Jansen ( Kzoo Track Champ)

Late Model Most Improved Driver:
Mark Shook (4th in points at Kzoo)
Andrew DeVreese (2 feature wins as a rookie, 2nd twice at M 40, top 5 at South Bend, vast improvements from start to end of year)
Terry Lombardi (2nd in points at M 40, feature winner, top 3 many times)
Bubba Brooks (wins a few tracks)
Mike Tutino (solid runs at SB and M 40)

Pro Stock/ Sportsman Most Improved Driver:
Jacob Maynard ( M 40)
Lindsay Katz (Kzoo)
Jordan Hunderman (Kzoo)
Josh Trammel (Spartan)
Travis Loop (Springport)

Street Stock/Pure Stock Most Improved Driver:
Austin Maynard (top 3 multiple times at New Paris, Always in the A Main)
Spencer Wortinger( from FWD to Winning 7 races in the pures at NPS)
Chad Wilkins (fast time and feature winner at M 40)
JJ Haley (track record at Plymouth)
Tyler Hufford (Kzoo 2nd in points)

Mini Stock Most Improved Driver:
Josh Dunnuck (feature winner at NPS, 2nd in points at NPS, fast time at NPS)
Ben McCallum ( 2nd place at a few tracks, feature winner at SB)
Nick Kretchmer( SB Winner / Mottville Winner)
Kevin Dibble( 21st in points in 09, 9th in 2011 champ in 2012 with 5 wins and 7 fast times)
Bobby Laughter ( 3rd in points at NPS, Mottville Track Champ, Wins the Mini Shoe at KZOO)

Front Wheel Drive/ Cyber Stock Most Improved Driver:
Jack Hurrford (Mottville Champ, multi time feature winner at Mottville, top 5 at M 40)
Sal Bustamante (Wins at Plymouth and SB)
Doug Fox( 3 Wins and very consistent to finish 2nd in the points at SB)
Bryant Ragsdale (7 wins @ SB)
Steven Holtzlander (Berlin front runner)

Late Model Rookie of the Year:
TK Whitman (NPS)
Andrew DeVreese (NPS)
Justin Lanting (Kzoo)
Megan Reitenour (M 40)
Mike Verduin (SB)

Pro Stock/Sportsman Rookie of the Year
Bradley Blackburn JR (M 40 / Mottville)
Mike Willams (M 40)
Ben Beeler (Kzoo)
Ken Taylor (Springport)
Tanner Talrico (Springport)

Street Stock/ Pure Stock Rookie of the Year:
Austin Maynard (NPS)
JJ Haley (Plymouth)
Corey Kiser (NPS)
Aaron Rheinsburg (Galesburg)
Adam Bistotdeau (M 40)

Mini Stock Rookie of the Year:
Craig Johnson (NPS)
Noah Gallandt (Kzoo)
Chaz Hook (Kzoo)
Cody Zimmerman (NPS)
Ryan Schrock (Mottville/M40)

Front Wheel Drive Rookie of the Year:
Jason Harman (SB)
Jared Rogers (NPS/M 40)
Angie Baker (NPS)
JC Russell (Kzoo/M40)
Daelylnn Post (Kzoo)
Ed Martz (Mottville)
Sportsmanship Award: (this award is for the driver/person who goes above and beyond to help anyone on any giving night, who promotes the sport, who shows everyone respect)
John Russell (helps drivers with sponsorship, parts, works on cars, loans out cars)
John Ong (loaned out parts from his car to many drivers and did not race to help others)
Kevin Koscher (loaned out parts and cars to others so they could race)
Bobby Laughter (helped on many of the cars in his class, loaned out parts, ect)
Kenny Esmont (gives his winnings to charity helps everyone)

Most Impressive Win: (this award will go to the driver with the most impressive win of 2012, it does not have to be a big one just a win that impressed the fans)
Tyler Roahrig Summer Sizzler Win
Terry Lombardi Season Champ win at M 40
Mike Mast Bounty Race Win against the best in the mini stocks
Bobby Laughter Mini Stock Shoe Win
Mickey Cornwell Legend 100 Win at M 40

Hard Luck Award: (this award goes to a driver who had hard luck in 2012 but never gave up)
Mark Vance ( hit wall at M 40 and Kzoo never gave up and kept trying)
Jamie Miller (Kzoo rolled his car twice)
Robbie Ferrier (motor problems, 2nd in points and destroyed car in hot laps)
Eric McGlothlen (new car destroyed at M 40)
Ryan McKinney (wrecked car in middle of the year while running top 10 in points)

Sponsorship Award: (this award goes to any sponsor who has gone above and beyond in 2012 either for a driver or a track or both)
Send Out Cards (Sponsored Kzoo, Mottville, and M 40, MSZ)
Johnnys Auto (Sponsored Kzoo with Johnnys bucks, M 40 , MSZ, raced 5 cars at a few tracks)
Scotts Computer World (Sponsored MSZ, M 40,and NPS, Promotes Via MW Racing News)
Klotz Lube (sponsors tracks, drivers, MSZ)
Stock Car Extreme (sponsors every track, lap sponsors for all sponsors)
Afdent Dental (sponsors MSZ, NPS, M 40 , and Mottville)

Driver of the Year at each Track: (this award will go to the driver you think of most when you think of any given track, the driver who is always there with a smile putting on a show and having fun, the driver who cares about the fans)

Berlin Raceway:
Tom Thomas
Denny Anderson
Scott Root
Terry Van Haistma
Tim DeVos

Kalamazoo Speedway:
Andy Bozell
Brian Berkager
Keith Wilfong
Kenny Head
Chris Shannon

M 40 Speedway:
Terry Lombardi
Doug True
Tim Thurston
Mike Mast
Ron Maynard

Spartan Speedway:
Andy Bozell
Josh Trammel
Damon Place
Tim Ryan
Larry Wallace

Galesburg Speedway:
Matt Rugg
Adam VanAvery
Aaron Rhenisbirg
Donnie Ritter
AJ Foote

Springport Motor Speedway:
Chance Rice
Robby Henderson
Walt Obrinske Jr
Phil Massuch
Justin Kazmar

Mottville Speedway:
Jack Hurrford
Kenny Esmont
Bobby Laughter
Bradley Blackburn JR
Danny Filson

Baerfield Speedway:
Kevin Dibble
Derek Hoffman
Steve Minich JR
Larry Vandall
Mark Mason

Angola Motor Speedway:
Kyle Moonen
Bob Masters
Rick Everidge
Mike Kugler
Scott Coe

New Paris Speedway:
Mark Vance
Corey Pressler
Eric Frazier
Eric Kiser
Travis Schlabach

South Bend Motor Speedway:
Brandon Zachary
John Long
Cindy Stremme
Rich Hensley
Doug Fox

Plymouth Speedway:
Brian Ross
JJ Haley
Rich Boal
Steve Stacy
Shawn Amor

GLS Super Cups Driver of the Year:
Tim Phillips
Kyle Trinklen
Stephanie Hile
Morgan Baird
Elliot Prichard

MCR Dwarf Car Driver of the Year:
Stephen Bobeck
Josh Tinker
Rob Rooney
Jon Wiley
Eric Hoffman

Fav Race of 2012:
Summer Sizzler
Super Shoe
Announcers Choice
Berlin WoO on Dirt

Fav Track:
New Paris Speedway
Kalamazoo Speedway
South Bend Motor Speedway
Mottville Speedway
Angola Motor Speedway

Promoter of the Year:
Scott Feaster M 40 Speedway
Gary Howe Kalamazoo Speedway
Tony Eldridge/Jason Seltzer/Andy Jach Announcers Choice
Kurt Henry Angola Motor Speedway
Steve Brown South Bend Motor Speedway

Designer / Graphic Company of the Year:
Horvath Designs
Manley Graphics
Bandit Signs
Wild Warthog Graphixs
Ryman Designs

Track Photograher of the Year:

Sue Wert / Sue Wert Photgraphy
Ron Harner / Super Charged Photos
Dennis Woods / Victory Lane Photos
Randy Ellen / Randy Ellen Photography
Scott Binkley / Full Circle Photos

Freddy Knauss Memorial Award: (this award goes to the one person who stands out as a true race fan, cheers for everyone, and has a love for the sport like no other)

tony@michianaspeedzone.com to vote . You may only use each email address once!!!

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