Kalamazoo Speedway 13_04_06

By:  Nick Smith @ Left Turn Mania

Between Andy Bozell who has won the event 4 times including 3 of the first 5 Klash’s, Chris Orr and Terry Senneker who have both won 2 times, they have 8 of the 20 Trophies that have been handed out in the history of the “Kalamazoo Klash”.  Other big names such like Steve Needles, Brian Cloud, Bob Holley, Mike Vansparentak, Todd Currier, Fred Campbell, Rick Sexton, Ken Scheffler, Johnny Benson, and Phil Bozell, Lee Anderson, and Tom Thomas have also all taken home a Klash Trophy.

2012 saw the smallest car count ever in the 20 year history of the event but that didnt make the event any less interesting.  Fast Qualifer, Tyler Roahrig chose to start at the tail end of the field for the “Shotgun Challenge” Bonus money which paid out half of the money at the start of the race and the other half would be paid if Roahrig could pull off the upset from the tail and win the event.  Roahrig came on strong in the first 100 lap segment passing 2011 Klash and Track Champion, Phil Bozell but would be no match for former Winner and Track Champion, Terry Senneker as he would pass Roahrig and win the first 100 lap segment.  Senneker would continue his dominance in the 50 lap 2nd segment and go on to win his 2nd “Kalamazoo Klash”.  Tyler Roahrig would come up a little short of winning the other half of the “Shotgun Challenge” Bonus money and have to settle for 2nd followed by Tom Thomas, Andy Bozell, and eventual 2012 Track Champion Brian Bergakker.

The 2013 “Kalamazoo Klash” will be represented by 6 former winners of Andy Bozell, Terry Senneker, Steve Needles, Todd Currier, Tom Thomas, and Phil Bozell who collectively have 10 Klash Trophies.  Other Big names include Jeff Ganus who ran at Kalamazoo Speedway for the 1st half of the year and was a rocket.  “3-Rivers Festival 100” Winner at Baer Field Speedway.  Brian Ross will be competing in the event for the first time in years.  The always fast father and son duo of JR and 2012 Fast Qualifer Tyler Roahrig.  Angola Speedway and ARCA Gold Cup competitor Jack Landis will be making a rare appearance.  Main Event Racing Series regular Jimmy Carter will be traveling from Ohio to compete.  Wisconsin natives Ross Kenseth, and Andrew Morrissey will also make the trip to Michigan.  Among those “Outsiders”, local names like 2013 Outlaw Latemodel Point Leader at the Kalamazoo Speedway Mike “Bubba” Brooks, 2012 Track Champ Brian Bergakker, Billy Shannon, Feature Winners Luke Krick, and Rick Senneker, Marc Casey, John Long who has been fast everytime he has appeared at Kalamazoo this year, and a few other drivers like Corey Ryman, Jamisson Russell, Dave Simpson, and Travis Reist who hasnt been in a Latemodel in years.

As the Entry List for the 21st Annual “Kalamazoo Klash” continues to grow, the “Shotgun Challenge” will return this season as it is currently at $1400 if the eligible driver wins.  Will we see an event “Legend” like Andy Bozell win his 5th “Kalamazoo Klash”?  How about a former Track or Series Champion at various Speedway’s such as Senneker, Bergakker, Ganus, Phil Bozell, or Brian Ross?  Don’t forget about your current Outlaw Latemodel Point Leader Mike Brooks, “Jim Blount Memorial” Winner John Long or a couple of “Young Guns” like Tyler Roahrig, Ross Kenseth, and Jamisson Russell.  Everything will unfold on Wednesday August 14th as these drivers battle for $10,000 to win.

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