Lane 75 Information Sheet

Lane 75 Information Sheet

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Lane 75

Information Sheet

Saturday, June 27th 6:30PM

 2015 Lane 75 A Feature Payout: $1,500-1,000-700-600-500-450-400-350-300 to start

Non Transfer Cars: $150; No Entry Fee!   Raceceiver’s are mandatory (available for rent at the track for $60)

How the Lane 75 Field will be Set:

24 cars or less – all in the A Feature

25 or more cars – Top 18 locked in from qualifying – the top 4 from the Last Chance transfer to the A Feature

Lane 75 Race Format/Rules:

  • The qualifying order will be the determined by the speeds in the Lane 75 final practice session. The slowest car in the final practice will qualify first, while the fastest car in the final practice session will qualify last. If a car does not compete in the final practice session it will be the first car to qualify. If multiple cars do not compete in the final practice their order will be determined by a blind draw. If any car does not qualify in the position they are scheduled to, they will lose one lap of qualifying. If there is a tie in qualifying to the thousandth of a second, the tie breaker will be the car higher in the final 2015 Kalamazoo Speedway Outlaw Super Late Model point standings. If the tie is still not broken the next tie breaker will be the faster car from the final practice session. The final tie breaker will be a coin flip (2 drivers) or blind draw (3 drivers).
  • The top running eligible lapped car at each caution will receive the “Lucky Dog Free Pass”. A car is not eligible to receive the “Lucky Dog Free Pass” when, in judgment of the officials, 1) The car caused the caution 2) The car was in the pit area when the caution came out or 3) The car has been penalized with a discretionary call. In the case of a discretionary penalty, it will be made known to the competitor, at the time the discretionary penalty is imposed, that the car will not be eligible to receive the “Lucky Dog Free Pass” to make up the penalized lap(s). Transferring the “Lucky Dog Free Pass” will only occur when the first eligible car becomes ineligible to receive the “Lucky Dog Free Pass” because of a discretionary penalty, because the car pitted under the caution or because the first eligible car is not in competition at the time the yellow flag is displayed. Then the “Lucky Dog Free Pass” will be transferred to the next eligible car. There will not be a lucky dog on a “false start”.
  • 75 laps
  • Tire rule will be the Hoosier 970.

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