Kalamazoo Speedway Strives to Keep Weekly Outlaw Super Lates

Kalamazoo Speedway Strives to Keep Weekly Outlaw Super Lates

Luke Krick

In a continuous effort to keep our Outlaw Super Late Models as a weekly class at Kalamazoo Speedway, we are shortening up the laps for the special races (not counting the Klash) that our drivers will be racing for the following reason.

Starting with the Intimidator and going through the entire season including all 6 special races for the Outlaw Super Lates (besides the Klash), all of these races are going to be a regular tire impound night and only two new tires, instead of the four tires that were allowed in previous years, will be allowed to be purchased for any of these races.  Six tires can be purchased opening night to start your tire impound but only two new tires will be allowed to be purchased the following week, as this will be the tire impound policy that will continue for the entire season.  No buying four new tires for the longer races, thus the reason to shorten up the races by 25%.  This will save our weekly drivers a minimum of 12 tires…….quite possibly making the difference of lower dollar teams being able to race all season long?

Keep in mind that our weekly payout for the Super Lates has been substantially increased & our payout for the championship races will remain the same as they have been in the past years…….just 25% fewer laps will be ran in most instances.

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