Kalamazoo Speedway “New Pit Policies” for 2013

Kalamazoo Speedway “New Pit Policies” for 2013

Rick Senneker

Emotions are very much a part of short track racing as are heated tempers in the pits after on track incidents take place.  However, with this being said, Kalamazoo Speedway is announcing two new policies that will cater to the safety & wellbeing of every person in our very tight pit area.  We are pleading with our fans to come into the pit areas during or especially after the races…….we can no longer subject our fans to a bunch of foul language or fighting after our racing concludes.

Speeding in the Pits

Any car that is deemed by speedway officials as going too fast in the pit area will be handled with as such:

  • If the speeding violation is deemed minimal, a onetime warning will be given to the driver.
  • If the speeds appear to be at an unsafe speed deemed by speedway officials, that driver will be notified immediately that for the remainder of that day’s events as well as the next three events where that driver is participating at Kalamazoo Speedway, that driver will shut off their car and stop in the make ready chute before their car reaches two orange cones (that will be placed in a safe location for the said car to stop at) and their car will then be pushed by hand back to the pits by their crew. 

Leaving Your Pit Spot During an Altercation In the Pit Area of any Kind 

At any time while on Kalamazoo Speedway property, any person in a restricted pit area will be expected to follow the rules & behave in an orderly & safe fashion.   During any racing altercation on the track, the driver, their crew, the car owner, the spouse or any other person in the pits is expected to follow the following rules:

  • When an altercation occurs on the track all people associated with any car in the pits will 100% stay in your own pit area.  No member of that team is allowed to go and talk to another driver or member of that driver’s team until 5 minutes after the completion of the event.
  • If the other team is close to your pit area, you will be expected to act in a professional manor; you will keep your mouth shut & not be yelling & screaming at the other team or driver.
  • No team member will leave their pit area to go and confront another person in the pits at any time, until the 5 minute cool down period has taken place.  This means No Drivers will get out of their car & march directly over to another driver to have a heated talk….None whatsoever!!!
  • After the 5 minute cool down period has elapsed, the driver by themselves can then find a uniformed pit steward and together can go and talk with another driver.  No team members will be going along with the driver……this will be the two drivers talking it over by themselves.
  • A warning will be given the first time for a minor infraction; however failure to follow these rules may result in a loss of money and or points for that event or a suspension from the track for a decided period of time.  If the first time infraction deems not to be minor, the first time infraction will go directly to loss of money & points and suspensions!!

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