Kalamazoo Speedway Driver Etiquette & General Reminders

Kalamazoo Speedway Driver Etiquette & General Reminders

As the first third of the season is nearing an end, we have a few reminders from officials in the scoring tower as well as from KTS related to safety concerns on the track.

1. Transponders must be mounted a) on the rear end of each car, b) opposite where the exhaust exits, c) in a vertical position; and, d) with the opening flap to the top. There must be no metal or suspension parts directly below the transponder.

2. When a car is involved in an accident on the track and the vehicle will need a tow or push, the driver must stay with the vehicle unless medical attention is needed. Driverless vehicles left on the track will be taken to the third pit area where teams may retrieve the vehicle after all events are completed.

3. The malicious driving of a few drivers is painting a very poor picture at Kalamazoo Speedway and other local racetracks. Intentionally hitting or swerving at another car under caution conditions will not be tolerated. Suspensions, loss of pay and points for the night and fines will be levied against drivers trying to stink up a good race program.

The same suspensions and fines will apply to unruly issues on the track or in the pits before, during or after a night of racing. We are trying to encourage our sponsors, our race fans and families to become more involved which includes inviting them into the infield—there is no room for malicious or unruly behavior at Kalamazoo Speedway.

4. All front wheel drive cars must have hooks, straps or chains on the front AND rear of the car. Whichever device a driver elects to use must be simple and strong enough for Speedway personnel to quickly get a hook on a disabled car and tow it back to the applicable pit stall.

5. Check your safety equipment every week. Head & Neck Restraints (not a neck roll) may become mandatory for all classes in 2020. An external mounted shut off switch may become mandatory for all front wheel drive cars and an inline fuel shut off may become mandatory for rear wheel drive cars.

6. No Tire Soaking at Kalamazoo Speedway!!!

7. Slow Down in the Pits. With the addition of the Junior Pit Pass for youth under the age of 12, drivers must slow down to keep everyone in the pit areas safe.

8. Pay attention to the posted nightly schedules. We run a fast-paced program and have already had several drivers miss their race due to not being lined up.

9. Continue to have fun and bring a few new fans to your local track. See you Friday Night!

General Reminders and Etiquette - 2019

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