Kalamazoo Speedway 2014 Rules & Payouts

Kalamazoo Speedway 2014 Rules & Payouts

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Kalamazoo Speedway 13_04_06

The rules and payout for 2014 are being released over the next couple days.  As you drivers read over the rules, many of you seem to find an error or two within about 3 hours of us posting them.  We will be calling these the “Tentative Rules” for about a week until we see if we have all of the bugs worked out.  As you will notice, there are very few rule changes although there are a few rules that are “Explained Out” in a much more detailed manor.

You will also see that there have been a few pleasant tweaks in the payout as well, mainly concentrating on the mid top 10 and start money finishing positions.

Kalamazoo Speedway is trying diligently to keep over a 100 car for our weekly car count as well as continue to have very solid weekly fan counts as well.  It is imperative that the track management and the drivers & teams at the Zoo work hard to achieve both of these lofty goals in such a volatile time for short track racing.

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