Getting Ready for the 2020 Season to Finally Go Green at the Zoo

Getting Ready for the 2020 Season to Finally Go Green at the Zoo

Drivers Note:

This Crazy-Mini-Covid-Season will be incredibly challenging to many race teams and sponsors……but perhaps even more challenges will be encountered by the weekly tracks themselves.  There are schedules to rearrange and the uncertainty if all our weekly drivers will be able to participate with us on Friday Nights.  Many drivers are facing very uncertain times with their employment, financial and family issues.  It has been a very tough 4-5 months for all of us. 

One thing we are almost certain of is that we will be having more part time & visiting drivers than ever before.  To adapt to this new wave of non-weekly race teams, we took a serious look at our weekly rules, tire choices, payoffs, etc. to see if we need to adjust any rules or race policies.  Tom and his crew have assembled a solid set of rules in place and we only have one adjustment that we are going to implement for the remainder of this 2020 season.

The required exhaust existing below the car is being dropped from the rules at Kalamazoo Speedway.  Cars must still have working mufflers and the decibel readings will start being checked weekly.  And keep in mind, your exhaust is fine running it exactly how you have had it the last few years…….but now either way is acceptable. 

See you all in a couple weeks!!

Gary Howe & Randy Ritchey

Kalamazoo Speedway 2020    

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