Breaking News: Tire Rules for the Remainder of 2012

Breaking News: Tire Rules for the Remainder of 2012



Late Model Tire Policy for the remainder of 2012  

As most of you know, due perhaps to the extra hot temperatures this spring & summer as well as our track surface getting coarser each year, we have been having severe blistering/chunking issues with the 970 tire.  Hoosier isn’t sure when this issue will be squared away, so with only three weekly races before the Klash, Kalamazoo Speedway has decided to make a tire switch, in hopes that our weekly race teams will be able to get much better tire wear than they have seen as of late. 

The new tire will be the Hoosier 700 for the right sides & the Hoosier 500 only for the left side tiresThe 970’s can still be ran; either to use up your existing tires, or you can use up your existing left side tires while mixing them with the new 700’s, or you may choose to run all four 970’s. 

Impound Policy – The impound policy will remain the same as it has been for the past 9 years.  For this Saturday, July 28th, you will be allowed to purchase up to 6 tires for your 6 tire impound.  After this Saturday, you will be allowed to only purchase two new tires a week, except for Season Championship Night, where you will be allowed to purchase up to 4 tires. 

If a tire that gets cut down or damaged due to an on track incident may be replaced.  The tire barn officials will make the determination as to a tire getting replaced. 

At the end of each night within 15 minutes of the conclusion of your feature, your impound tires must be turned into the tire barn.  If you choose to take any tires home with you, they will not be allowed to be impound tires. 

Scuff Tires – Kalamazoo Speedway will have a supply of scuffed tires that will have 15-20 laps & a heat cycle on them.  These are for any car that comes to race with us but does not have any of the 700/500 tires in impound.  These drivers will only be allowed to purchase 2 new tires and will have to purchase two scuff tires for their other tires.  Any driver will not be allowed to purchase 4 new tires, except for this Saturday (July 28th) & Season Championship Night. 

The tire impounding policy is implemented for two reasons:  One would be to deter against tire soaking & the second reason would be to try & balance out the playing field between well-funded teams & teams on a tighter budget.  

Super Stocks – You will abide by the same tire rules as the Late Models except that you will not be required to leave your tires in impound.  However, you will only be allowed to purchase two tires a week, except for July 28th & Season Championship Night.


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