84, Daelynn Post

84, Daelynn Post

Division: Enduro

Name: Daelynn Post

Age: 44

Hometown: Hopkins, MI

Car#: #84

Years In Racing: 2nd year

Car Owner: Daelynn Post

Crew Members: Carl Post, Terry Post, David Post, Terry Broersma(Mechanic)

Sponsors: Doug Boozer, Boozer Excavating

Family: Carl Post(Husband), TJ Mc Connaughey(Son), Tiffany Mcconnaughey (Daughter), Maire Ann(Granddaughter)

Job Info: Compassionate Care Director, Project Hope of Ne allegan Co. Dorr MI, 17 years.

Racing Accomplishments: 2011 Rookie Season Raced 3 out of 6 races.

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