47, Simmie Hicks Jr.

47, Simmie Hicks Jr.

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Division: Super Stock

Name: Simmie Hicks JR

Age: 40

Hometown: Springfield,Mich

Car#: 47

Years In Racing: 19 yrs

Car Owner: Simmie Hicks Sr.

Crew Members: Simmie Hicks Sr. Angie Hicks Garie Damer
Doug Sly Skeeter Reed Keith Reed KC Foote Matt Mulder Feddy Campbell Todd Foote

Sponsors: Victory MotorSports AirGas Sign Sign Wherevery Signs Hot Gentlemens Club Big Nasty Boby All Star Transmission

Family: Grandma Hicks,Cindy Hicks,Simmie Hicks Sr.,Angie Hicks,Santella Damer,Chelsie Hicks, Tina Robbins, Garie Damer, Nancy Gillette, Jean Cross,Justin Hicks,Amanda Smith,Justin Thomas Hicks,Ricki Hicks

Job Info: N/A

Racing Accomplishments: Won the fast car dash on my sister birthday since she has passaway. Won the best looking car of the year.

Website: N/A

Comments: N/A

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