Tech Bulletins

Tech Bulletin #062519

Driver and Car Changes Whoever drives the first lap of any qualifying session is the registered driver of that car for the entire event. Make sure whoever is driving for the night is registered at the transponder table with the correct driver, correct car number and the correct class. If [...]

Tech Bulletin #07012019

Kalamazoo Speedway established a top lap time of 16.850 for the Zoo Stock class at the beginning of the season reserving the option to adjust over the course of the season to help maintain a level playing field. Moving drivers who dip below the established lap time in the [...]

Tech Bulletin #51719

As the rules in each class clearly state, there is Absolutely No Tire Soaking or altering of the tire of any kind allowed at Kalamazoo Speedway. It doesn’t say that teams can go down to a certain softness or Durometer number—NO TIRE SOAKING PERIOD! We have been checking tires, both cold and [...]