Tires Chosen for the Pro & Super Stock Classes

The Hoosier 800 series will be the new tire our Pro Stocks & Super stock class will be running in 2010.  This tire will be very similar to the 880 although it is designed to be more durable, wear better and should be a more repeatable tire than the old 880 tire was.  The tire will be the same price ($97 includes mount & dismount and sales tax) as was the 880 in 2009.

New for 2010 on the tires for these two classes; there will be no impounding of tires and there will be no soaking of tires.  NONE - There will be no tolerance or allowable soak limit.  My suggestion on this tire soaking matter to all of our racers; work on your cars, put your thought process into getting your cars to handle and such, and accept the fact you will not be relying on tire soak to try to keep up with the other soakers.  Don’t spend the next two month pondering how to beat the soak rule… will only cost you time & money and you will get caught if you attempt to soak.




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