Tim Bullis

From: Tim Bullis
Email: timmybullis89@gmail.com
Phone: 2698061051

Very nice 355 for sale. Dan (7d) car owner built a new motor for Tom. Dan retired form racing and was looking to sell the motor. He wants 3000 for it. It is worth it!!  I wouldn’t even think twice about turning it 7700(we’ve done it) It has dart heads, oliver main caps, 12:1, full roller, good piece! Its still in the car so it is no problem to start it up for you.  He spent 3500 just for asembly. Im not getting any money for the sale. It a favor for a friend. You will spend 8g to build this thing.  In my opion its perfect for kzoo PS, SS, Berg SS, maybe LM. It has 3 races on it. call me 2698061051 if interested.



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