Tech Bulletin #71017

Tech Bulletin #71017

Pro Stock Tech Bulletin 71017:  As of 7-14-14, your rear tail panel will adhere to the following rules: 

As the rules state, if you choose to run an aftermarket bumper cover, it will be un-cut & mounted in the original dimensions.  If you have already hacked up your stock tail panel, you may patch it up back to the original stock dimensions but it will be 100% solid with not additional openings or gaps. 

If you choose to run a stock bumper in place of an aftermarket cover, your steel rear enclosure panel must go down onto/over the face of the bumper so that all holes, slots, gaps and open spaces are 100% covered.  Your enclosure panel will be tight up to the bottom of the truck lid and will be mounted securely to each side of the quarter panel.  The panel should probably be riveted to the top or face of the bumper to ensure that there is no way of allowing air to escape between the panel and the bumper. 

This isn’t a new rule but simply a reminder that has been abused & will now be enforced!  

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