Tech Bulletin #51617

Tech Bulletin #51617

As the rules in each class clearly state, there is Absolutely No Tire Soaking or altering of the tire of any kind allowed at Kalamazoo Speedway.  It doesn’t say that you can go down to a certain softness or Durometer number……it clearly states NO TIRE SOAKING PERIOD!  We have been checking tires, both cold & hot and with only three short weeks into the season, we suspect that this rule has not been followed by all teams.  

As of 5-19-17, any team suspected of soaking or softening their tire(s) will be subject to the track confiscating a tire(s) of our choice off your car.  We will in front of the said driver & in an open area in the infield, follow the step by step directions from Blue Ridge Lab Tire Testing, and cut two samples out of the tread of the suspected tire & immediately seal it in an evidence bag.  The sealed bag will be signed & dated with the time and the driver will sign off on the evidence bag as well.   The bag will then be sent to Blue Ridge Labs in Hudson, North Carolina and results will be returned to the track within 5-8 business days.  The driver of the suspected tire will be allowed to race the following week if the results are not back yet.  The results from Blue Ridge labs will be final with no exceptions……. there will be no appeal process as this testing procedure is a black & white process.

If a car has tire(s) that are suspected of being tampered with and Kalamazoo Speedway chooses to confiscate a tire(s) that will have a tread sample cut out &  be sent into the lab, that drivers pay & points for that entire event will be held until the test results have been returned.  If the tire sample sent in is found to have been altered, the driver will forfeit their earned money & points from that night of racing as well as receiving a four-week suspension from participating in the next four events scheduled for that class.  The driver will also pay a $500 fine before being allowed to race at Kalamazoo Speedway.  If the tire sample sent in is found to be clean, all points, money and a new tire will be given to the driver.

If you refuse to allow a tire to be confiscated by the track, the driver will forfeit his/her pay and points for the night and have a four-week suspension from participating in the next four events scheduled for that class.

 Again, our rules are very clear that state Absolutely No Tire Soaking of Any Kind!  This tire soak game is not healthy, its expensive and its illegal……..and its time to end this tire soak game at Kalamazoo. 

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