Tech Bulletin #07012019

Tech Bulletin #07012019

Kalamazoo Speedway established a top lap time of 16.850 for the Zoo Stock class at the beginning of the season reserving the option to adjust over the course of the season to help maintain a level playing field. Moving drivers who dip below the established lap time in the Zoo Stocks impacts both the Zoo Stock and the Outlaw FWD classes. The Zoo Stock class is currently the largest of the classes racing at Kalamazoo Speedway requiring a ‘B’ feature at each race. The mere size of the class has sorted slower
and/or more inexperienced drivers into a race where recreational and/or those drivers needing to build skills and confidence may race with others possessing comparable skill levels and equipped cars.

Effective immediately, we are adjusting the top lap time for the Zoo Stock class to 16.750. Drivers who have not exceeded this lap speed in 2019 have been reinstated to the Zoo Stock class. Points, payout and race outcomes will not be restored.

Please note this is NOT an invitation to power up Zoo Stock cars with the idea of overpowering the field. Cars on the bubble will be receiving extra scrutiny in tech and Kalamazoo Speedway, as stated in the rules, retains the option of moving a driver up to the Outlaw FWD class if the driver’s performance exceeds most of the other drivers in the class.

Gary Howe
Kalamazoo Speedway

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