Six Hour Enduro Madness at the Zoo to Run September 11, 2010!

Six Hour Enduro Madness at the Zoo

Kalamazoo Speedway Presents “The R-oval at the Zoo” Is it a Road Course or is it an Oval……it’s gonna be both, presented by Sunny Bay Disposal & LKQ Self Serve Auto Parts!

“We will start it on Saturday & finish it up on Sunday”

·         Payoff will be as follows: $2500-1500-1000-900-800-700-650-600-550-500-400-350-300-250-200-200-200-200-200-200 for 20th!  Also a $500 bonus for the highest finishing Kalamazoo Enduro Virgin!


·         Race will begin at 6PM September 11th & will conclude at 12:01 AM September 12th  


·         This will be open to 4 Cylinder FWD Enduro style cars as well as 6 Cylinder FWD Automatic Transmission Cars.  Strip out the glass & interior & Let’s Go R-oval Racin at the Zoo!


·          There will be only a $50 entry fee for the car and all pit passes will only be $25 for the entire event We are looking to get every old car from out behind your garage out here to this event as well as trying to get every salvage yard out there to bring out your old clunkers to the Zoo and have some fun…..can we get 100 cars….how about 125 cars…..could we possible see over 150 cars??


·         Roll Cages will be optional, although it is highly recommended that you have a simple rollover bar behind your seat with a horizontal support bar to mount directly behind your seat back.  All cars must have a set of racing seat belts & shoulder harnesses as well as a Fire Suit Top and a Racing Helmet.  A full fire suit racing gloves are always highly recommended. 


·         The basic rules will be posted soon…..enduro rules will apply as to the stripping of the glass, upholstery, vinyl, extra seats, etc.  The tires will be stock tires including up to a 60 series tire; no low profile Z rated high performance tires……Complete rules will be posted soon…..


·         The top three finishing cars will be bought for $500 each (minus any safety equipment & battery).  These cars will be Crushed by a Monster Truck at the Night of Destruction two weeks following this event!!  Don’t put too much money in these cars… will be a shame to see some nice Escort GT crushed by Lil’ Miss Dangerous at the Night of Destruction But as an added bonus, the owner of each car to be crushed will receive 2 free tickets to the NOD event so you can watch your car being destroyed!


·         A few differences between this event & a regular enduro: This will be r-oval course, not just driving around in circles for 6 hours – all cars will pit in the top pits – we will be using a Jammer Truck to try and assist wounded cars back to their pits or off the infield road course -  you may use a single driver or team drivers A full roll cage is not required as the speeds will be slower that a typical race So grab your buddy & get a car stripped out & ready to rumble at The R-oval at the Zoo 2010!


Saturday - April 11 - Pre-Season Testing Learn more