5, Haden Horvath

Hayden Horvath

Hayden Horvath

From: Haden Horvath 

Drivers Profile:
Division: Super Stock

Name: Haden Horvath

Age: 15

Hometown: Caledonia Mi.

Car#: 5

Years In Racing: 10

Car Owner: Tim Horvath Sr.

Crew Members: Tim Horvath
Tim Horvath II
Jeff Sterken

Sponsors: Mid West Appraisel group
Horvath Design
Nolf Chassis
Northern Trails 
Flamingo lounge
Weller Auto Parts

Family: Heather, Tim,Timmy Hannah Jt, Ashely, Taylor Gene kelly Ryan,


Racing Accomplishments: 3rd in Michiania cup at Mottville Speedway

Website: hvracing.com




94, Jerry Jansen Jr.

Jerry Jansen Jr.

Jerry Jansen Jr.

Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Jerry Jansen Jr.

Age: 45

Hometown: Wayland Michigan

Car#: 94/99

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: Jerry Jansen Jr.

Crew Members: Jerry Jansen III
Kyle Jansen
Brian Gregerson
Nathan Gerow
Dave Fifelski

Sponsors: United Collision Center
Fifelski Builders
Ed Koehn Ford of Wayland

Family: Vanessa-wife
Jerry Jansen III-son
Kyle Jansen-son

Job Info: Own/work at United Collision Center

Racing Accomplishments: Rookie of the Year
Cyber Stock Track Champion
4 Feature Wins
Mini Shoe champion
1 Enduro win 
5 fast times

18, Tyler McGhan

Tyler McGhan

Tyler McGhan

Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Tyler McGhan

Age: 20

Hometown: Battle Creek, MI

Car#: 18

Years In Racing: 5

Car Owner: Tyler McGhan

Crew Members: Dale McGhan
Kyle McGhan
Cody McGhan
Dennis Mudd
Ryan Osborne

Sponsors: Marquis Auto Parts
Tenney’s Eavestrouphing
Muffler Man of Battle Creek-Portland
Stuck Designs
Bee Xtreme Window Tinting
Jason’s Racing Pictures
Rombaugh Auto Sales
Savage Used Tires
McGhan Motorsports

Family: Father: Dale McGhan
Mother: Maureen McGhan
Brothers: Kyle McGhan (18)
               Cody McGhan (13)
Sister: Mackenzie McGhan (9)

Job Info: Guardian Fiberglass Insulation

Racing Accomplishments: 2012 Galesburg Speedway Points Championship Runner-up
Back to Back Burg Stock 50 lap spectacular winner (2012-2013 Galesburg Speedway)


Comments: “You can’t finish first if you don’t first finish” -Dick Trickle

4, Keegan Dykstra



 Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Keegan Dykstra 

Age: 14 

Hometown: Wayland 

Car#: 4 

Years In Racing: 1st at Kzoo 7 years off road Go Karts 

Car Owner: Dan Dykstra 

Crew Members: Duane Proctor 

Sponsors: Professional Code Inspections
Carstar 76 Collision
FCC General Contractors
Cherry Valley Concrete
Duane Proctor Builder
Tailored Plumbing
Grandpa Dykstra 

Family: Dad: Dan Dykstra
Mom: Kathy Dykstra
Brother: Mason Dykstra 

Job Info: Currently Unemployed

Racing Accomplishments: Won Several Offroad Go Kart Features 




1, Donnie Brest

From: Donnie Brest

Drivers Profile:
Division: Super Stock

Name: Donnie Brest

Age: 47

Hometown: Martin

Car#: 1

Years In Racing: To Many

Car Owner: Donnie Brest

Crew Members: Dale Artis
Steve Potter
Mike McKee

Sponsors: McDonald’s Auto Body
Midwest Custome Emdrodary
Pro Automotive Services

Family: Too many

Job Info: Owner- Pro Automotive

Racing Accomplishments: Jerry Landon Hard Charger Award
Feature Wins in Every Division



17, Jason Ratashak

From: Jason Ratashak

Drivers Profile:
Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Jason Ratashak

Age: 41

Hometown: Kalamazoo

Car#: 17

Years In Racing: forever

Car Owner: Jason Ratashak

Crew Members: Mike Malin
Ben Beeler
Ben Raber
Mr. Sign

Sponsors: Send Out Cards
Auto Shak
Sprinkle Mart
Luna Discs
more to come!

Family: Liz (wife)
Elsa (dog)
Hot Rod, Max, and Simon (cats)

Job Info: owner and proprietor of the Auto Shak
where “I can probably fix that!”

Racing Accomplishments: most recently 4 main event wins at Kalamazoo Speedway
2 wins as tire changer in ARCA Series
many event wins at Kalamazoo Speedway and Galesburg as a crewmember

many great looking paint jobs!


Comments: looking forward to racing toward the top 10 in points in 2013!

16, JC Russell

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: JC Russell

Age: 16

Hometown: Elkheart

Car#: 16

Years In Racing: 1

Car Owner: John Russell

Crew Members: Crazyjoe John Russell Adam bistoadau Ben Heath Jim beers

Sponsors: Johnny’s Auto

Family: John Russell Heather Mathes

Job Info: Racecar driver

Racing Accomplishments: None yet


Comments: This is my first year racing and its been a blast

77, Hal Ford

Hal Ford

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Hal Ford

Age: 61

Hometown: Plainwell

Car#: 77

Years In Racing: 3

Car Owner: Dale Towns

Crew Members: Julia Ford
Mark Sundberg

Sponsors: Home Town Plumbing
Perks Auto parts and salvage

Family: Wife Julia

Job Info: Retired Police Lt.

Racing Accomplishments: One year Cyber stocks and one year Endro racing  in the A5 car. No wins…but a lot of fun and lot of driver friends.


Comments: This year: `Racing just two weekend dates of July 21st and July 28th. The 28th is The Otsego Council #7796 Knights of Columbus , 3rd annual “Knights Night Out.” Over 50 adults and 20 children will be attending  representing the Knights of Columbus.

61, Gary Denzel

Gary Denzel

Division: Super Stock

Name: Gary Denzel

Age: 53

Hometown: Paw Paw, Michigan

Car#: 61

Years In Racing: 11

Car Owner: Alan Cross

Crew Members: Sondra Denzel

Sponsors: M & M Tires and Auto

Family: Wife – Sondra Denzel
Daughters – Sarah Fish and Amanda Campbell
Grandsons – Josh, Zack, Austin, Shyann, Alex

Job Info: Supervisor for the food industry

Racing Accomplishments: Won races at Mottville Speedway. Won Sportman of the year. The car made the cover of Michigan Racing Sceen.

Racing the Super Stock class at Kalamazoo.

21, Kyle Shannon

Division: Cyber Stock

Name: Kyle Shannon

Age: 14

Hometown: Plainwell

Car#: 21

Years In Racing: Rookie

Car Owner: Dad & Mom Shannon

Crew Members: Aunt Angie Shannon,Joel, Greg, Zach,Josh and most important Dad.

Sponsors: Ritsema machining,city cab,cds auto repair.

Family: Dad Billy Shannon mom Julie,brother jamie & sister Sarah

Job Info: All that athlectics

Racing Accomplishments: Hoping my Dad puts enough gas in the car so i can finish a race!!!


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