NASCAR News at the Zoo

Kalamazoo Speedway will again be NASCAR Sanctioned for the 20th consecutive season. Flying under the NASCAR banner will assure that every NASCAR member will have the best participant insurance that any track in North America can have. This added protection is valid by simply purchasing a NASCAR license, which remains the same price as it has for the past nine seasons.

Kalamazoo Speedway’s policy for NASCAR licenses are as follows:

-All drivers that participate in one of the five weekly classes are required to purchase a NASCAR license.

-Outlaw Super Late Model drivers licenses are $185 and are to be purchased by the opening night of competition.

-The Modifieds, Super Stocks, Pro Stocks and Cyber Stocks license fees are $90 and are also to be purchased by opening night of competition.

-All car owners and crew members from weekly participating teams are strongly encouraged to also join NASCAR for a fee of $90. This crew license will give you all the same benefits as the drivers have, including the added insurance coverage.

-Any NASCAR license purchased at the pre-season open house will receive a free pit pass ($20 value) to one of the two open practices as well as receive a special gift from NASCAR. If a driver wishes to have the license fee deducted from their opening night pay this must be pre-arranged at the open house. If any driver would like to make pre-season payments contact Donna at the speedway office to arrange for this (269-692-2423).


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